Premer Preschool

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Premer Preschool

61 Ellerslie St, Premer, NSW 2381
0490 661 605‚Äč

9am - 3pm Tuesday
Shai Knight
Abby Musgrove

Premer Preschool is located on Premer Street at the McMaster Community Hall.

The outdoor area includes play equipment, bike track, sand pit and a dry creek bed, fitted with an old fashioned hand pump for water play.


Ooranga Family Mobile Resource Unit Assoc. Inc. has developed policies and procedures which govern the day to day operation of its services.

Printed copies of our policies are located at the Ooranga office, each preschool venue and in the playgroup van and are available to all members. Ooranga policies are developed by staff and Ooranga members in accordance to the seven areas of the National Quality Standard. The policies, along with supporting operational procedures, assist staff and members to ensure the safety of children and adults in attendance at Ooranga services and guide the provision of quality early childhood education and care.

Policies are regularly reviewed by staff and the Ooranga Management Committee. Families are encouraged to read the Policies, ask staff if they have any questions and provide any suggestions for changes to improve the quality of Ooranga services.

All staff, volunteers and members are expected to abide by the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics.
A copy of these is available at Ooranga centres or online at the ECA website.