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Boggabri Preschool,

Laidlaw ST, Boggabri NSW 2382
02 6743 4477​

9AM- 3PM tuesday
cOrrina thomson
paula neader

Boggabri preschool is located on the corner of Laidlaw and Caxton street, on the premises of Sacred Heart Primary School. 

The fenced outdoor area has a large sandpit, bike path, play equipment, garden beds and cubby house.

Carroll Preschool,

David ST, Carroll, NSW 2340
6742 0603

9am - 3pm Monday
Abby Musgrove
Jess Carolan

Carroll Preschool was opened at the beginning of 2018 and is located in the Carroll Public School Library.

As a new mobile preschool venue, there are some future developments planned for making the outdoor play space more suitable for children aged from 3 to 5 years.

Curlewis Preschool,

CNR Pullaming & Pike ST, Curlewis, NSW 2342
02 6744 1344​

9am - 3pm Monday
Helen Stevenson
AMber Finlay
Kimberly Clark

Curlewis Preschool is operated out of the old Scout Hall owned by the Gunnedah Shire Council, located at the corner of Pullaming and Pike Streets.

The preschool grounds have undergone a massive transformation in 2015 with the addition of a bike path, garden beds and new outdoor play equipment.

Currabubula Preschool,

Bolton ST, Currabubula, NSW 2342
02 6742 0603​

9:30am -
jess carolan
Nicole Constable

Currabubula Preschool is located at the back of the Currabubula Public School grounds, on Bolton Street.

The preschool venue is a converted demountable building with a delightful, fenced outdoor area including sandpit and play equipment. 

Mullaley Preschool ,

Oxley Highway, Mullaley, NSW 2379
02 6743 7913​

9am - 3pmTuesday
Mardi Fordham
Allison O'Neil

Mullaley Preschool is held at the Mullaley Memorial Hall, located on Nombi Street.

The parents and community of Mullaley have provided a wonderful outdoor play area adjacent to the Hall, with sandpit, bike track and play equipment.

Premer Preschool ,

CNR Bomera & Premer ST, Premer, NSW 2381
02 6744 2001​

9am - 3pm Tuesday
Shai Knight
Abby Musgrove

Premer Preschool is located on Premer Street at the McMaster Community Hall.

The outdoor area includes play equipment, bike track, sand pit and a dry creek bed, fitted with an old fashioned hand pump for water play.

Spring Ridge Preschool,

Darby RD, Spring Ridge, NSW 2343
02 6747 3744​

9am - 3pm Monday
 emilee barnes
Melissa Bartlett

Spring Ridge Preschool operates out of the Spring Ridge Community Hall on Darby Street.

The fenced outdoor area includes a bike track, sandpit and play equipment. 


Walhallow Preschool,

Hill ST, Walhallow, NSW 2343
02 6747 4949​

9am - 3pm Tuesday
 Lana Boxsell
Mel Bartlett

Walhallow Preschool is run from a converted demountable building on Hill Street, within the Walhallow Aboriginal community just outside of Caroona.

The preschool enrolments are all Indigenous children from families living in the Walhallow community.