Families Love Ooranga

I love that it gives us access to toys we wouldn’t ordinarily buy (big tractor/trailer, music sets, etc).
I love that the Toy Library is affordable.
I love that I can borrow toys appropriate for my sons age, without having to buy them (especially considering the rate children grow/develop/lose interest in things between theages of 0-5).
I love there is a great range of toys!
I love that my house stays toy clutter free because we can return them! 
I love that we can swap them as often as we like, or keep them for 2 weeks.
I love that the staff are friendly and experienced in recommending toys appropriate for my childs age.
I love that they Toy Library is open Monday - Friday (added bonus that theres a bathroom in there!).
I love that my son loves the Toy Library too!

Jane McIntosh